Диана Арбенина провела мастер-класс на фестивале стимпанк-культуры

Diana Arbenina held Gibson guitars masterclass at the Steampunk Festival in MillenniumPark, the countryside district of Moscow region.

The Night Snipers solo singer Diana Arbenina has been playing guitars by the world famous Guitar brand Gibson for 15 years and considers them to be the most ‘rock-n-roll’ guitars in the world.  The singer and a talented guitarist has been Gibson's celebrity endorser since 2013. At the festival, Diana Arbenina demonstrated her skills playing the guitars of this famous brand and also spoke about her carefully selected collection of guitars of that brand.

As soon as the singer came onto the stage, people in the audience got up from their seats and came closer to listen to the great sounds of the variety of different guitar models. Diana allowed anyone to hold guitars from her collection.

The singer introduced her instruments starting with her very first Gibson, the black guitar she had been playing for many years, and the twenty-year-old 12-string guitar, a gift presented on the 20th Anniversary of the band in summer 2013. As it might have been noticed, all three guitars had an absolutely unique design formed from Diana's way of playing.

"Of course, someone may think that it is some kind of advertising, but no ads would make me "polish" my guitars that way", said Diana and then pointed at the conspicuous white spot on the top of the guitar's body.

During the master class Diana demonstrated how to play her music using different guitars, focusing on tune and rhythm. As an example the singer changed three electric guitars performing her song "Asphalt" and "Club27" was for the acoustic one.

"I wrote this song in two minutes, strumming this very guitar", the singer admitted to the audience.

Visiting Gibson showroom, Diana tried the new guitars Gibson Memphis es 390 and Gibson Les Paul Custom as well.

The singer admitted that her first Gibson was a Chat Atkins model.


"I was told to take this guitar model, the one Madonna was playing…Hmm, Madonna!? So I tried…And for now I have four Gibsons Chat Atkins. I am quite conservative though. You know, it is like girls have their favorite models of dresses. Even though I'm wearing pants today, I love sheath dresses dearly. And the same with the guitars..." , said the rocker.


Photo and video by Anna Milstein.

Перевод: Elisaveta Martynova