Презентация полной дискографии группы «Ночные Снайперы»

On September 8th, 2015, Diana Arbenina, the leader of a rock band The Night Snipers, and Dmitry Gorelov, the drummer of the band, presented a complete anniversary discography, a collection of all albums released during the 20 years of the band's life. The presentation took place at a Respublica store inside the Tsvetnoy central market in Moscow.

Twenty years is a significant period of time for a legendary music band. Over the course of their amazing career, The Night Snipers have achieved a lot and have no intention to stop aiming for the new heights. "Despite everything what is happing now, we are in a great shape," said Diana Arbenina. "We have a lot of creative ideas. I think we’ll surprise and please you." The discography includes all of the albums starting from "A drop of tar / In a barrel of honey" released in 1998 to "Acoustics. Songs as they are" released in 2013. As it was noted by Diana Arbenina, her solo album "The Boy on the Ball" released in 2014, would become a part of the next album discography that the band “would release and sign not in 20 years but much earlier.”

Not surprisingly, there was a warm, home-like atmosphere during the presentation. It is always like that whether Diana Arbenina gives a concert, an interview or a press-conference. Fans expressed their love to The Night Snipers not only with laughter, joy and rounds of applause, but also with nice presents and flowers for Diana. In turn, Diana gave everyone her attention and autographs. She signed a number of her books of poetry and short stories “Sprinter” and songbooks “Stalker.” These books were released as a two volume set.
 Sincerity, honesty and pursuit of justice are reflected not only in Diana’s eyes but throughout her music and her songs. We thank The Night Snipers for the past twenty years of their beautiful music and wish them numerous successful creative ideas and victories in the future.

Photo and text are by Margarita Currents.

Source: fashion-concert.org

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