Диана Арбенина: «Либо ты предан музыке, либо она тебя просит уйти»

"The Night Snipers" band is back from vacation and is ready to launch a new season. On September 7, the band had a concert at the Moscow's "16 Tons» club, and on September 20, the musicians are starting a big fall tour in Russia and abroad. The concerts will be held in Australia, Belorus, Israel, Latvia, Finland, Sweden and Estonia. There will be both electric concerts and Diana Arbenina's solo acoustics. Audience will have a chance to enjoy both the greatest hits and brand new songs from the album «Malchik na share» («A boy on the globe»).

DNI.RU talked to Diana Arbenina on the eve of "The Night Snipers" official discography's release on September 8 and the premiere of the «Unplugged» movie at the "Pioneer» summer movie theatre at Gorky Park in Moscow on September 10.

The singer, Diana Arbenina, elaborated on topics like anthology of her band and what it means for her, as well as the movie that had been filmed secretly from her, «literary sons" and straight-out compromise-free music to which she dedicated her life.

Q: "The Night Snipers" have recently released the complete discography covering 20 years of the band's life. What does this release mean for you?

D: Oh, it’s a fundamental piece of work! We have collected everything we had made for two decades. One Sunday I am going to turn it on and listen to it all day long. I wonder what impression I shall get by the end. For me this release is nothing more than a wish to move forward and carry on with what we are doing. And we are continuing to work.

Q: Is it true that the earliest songs of the band were tape-recorded by the fans who then copied and distributed them?

D: In the beginning there were tapes. The coolest one was BASF, the most popular MK-60. These were used for recording. We received a lot of help from people who had nothing to do with music, computer professionals, office workers. Our first administrator was this guy from Kazan, Renat Sungatullin. He and his friends helped us a lot.

Q: Are these songs part of the discography?

D: Probably, yes. I am not so good with my own history. It bores me.

Q: What do you personally value the most in this discography?

D: The completeness and unity of this work. And the design and presentation worked out great as well.

Q: What is the most important thing you’ve gained or learned being part of "The Night Snipers"?

D: I’ve never been part of any other band and I hope I’ll never be. We have a great band that doesn’t know compromises; either you’re faithful to music, or you have to quit.

Q: The name of the band was picked 20 years ago by chance. Does it still fit?

D: I’ve never thought about it. However, the logics is clear. As they say, give a dog a bad name and hang him. The way you name something influences the way things work. I like the way things are going.

Q: Have you ever thought of changing the name of the band?

D: This is just wrong. Karma doesn’t like this. And it’s not the place that makes a person better, it’s a person who makes a place better. The same story goes about the names.

Q: Which singers and writers had the most influence on your music style and genre?

D: I was personally influenced by the Leningrad Rock Club and Erich Maria Remark.

Q: You’ve written a number of books. What inspired you to create a book of poems "Auto-da-fe"?

D: "Auto-da-fe" is a collection of everything I found in my archives. Yet, as soon as the book went to the publisher, I found even more songs and poems.

Q: Why did you make a decision to publish two-volume «Sprinter» and «Stalker»?

D: The reason was the same as for the discography. 20 is a great anniversary. It was also a good time to start publishing my prose.

Q: What is the difference between these two "brothers"? Which one do you like most?

D: "Sprinter" and "Stalker" are not two brothers. Rather they are two sons. And it is impossible to chose between sons, you know.

Q: Have you ever thought of giving up music for the sake of literature?

D: Well, never. I enjoy our concerts.

Q: A number of your songs became soundtracks for movies. Which of these movies do you like the most and why?

D: "Tochka" ("The point") is a good movie with Vika Isakova at the end and our song «Stolitsa» («The Capital»). There was something else. I do not want to get into details. I should collect these songs too. They might make an interesting album.

Q: Last year Metallica released a movie «Through the Impossible». This is a feature movie and the action is taking place in parallel with the band’s show. You have also filmed a documentary «Unplugged» at your acoustic show. What does this work mean for you?

D: I did not participate in filming of the «Unplugged». I was just doing what I love, I was playing. The rest was done by the team, and, by the way, they kept it secret from me. And I am grateful for that. This is our first official movie. On September 10, it will be shown on screen for the first time. And not just somewhere, it will be shown at the "Pioneer" summer movie theater. This makes me very happy.

Q: This movie has already been discussed in the media. What is so special about it?

D: I think it’s a mix of the real stage and dressing rooms scenes. It makes the movie close to reality and gets you inside.

Q: Do you plan to make a movie about your band?

D: That’s a good idea.

Q: Have you ever faced censorship? How do you react on rough reviews and the critics?

D: I’ve never witnessed censorship. Nobody has never «cut» us. As for the critics, it’s funny and entertaining, and I do not really care.

Q: What is your attitude towards music downloads from the internet resources?

D: If we are talking about piracy, it’s a theft, and everyone is a judge for own actions. If we are talking about purchases off internet, then why not. It is the reality of the 21st century we live in.

Q: Do you support torrents?

D: I don’t use them.

Q: Are you following any young bands? Which band do you find the most inspiring?

D: Can we refer to the band "Brutto" as young? (a new project by Sergey Mikhalok, former "Lyapis Trubetskoi" front-liner).

Q: Can you give me top five bands you consider promising?

D: I like "Biffy Clyro", "Jack White". "Pretty Reckless" – a doll looking front-liner with such a non-doll voice. And "The Rolling Stones" are the number one forever. In my opinion, this band turned the black blues upside down and made the white rock-and-roll out of it. "Muse" also has its place in the history. Adele hasn’t shown up recently; I liked her song "Someone like you". "Red Hot Chili Peppers" are cool, especially Flea. And of course, Edge from "U2".

Q: Can you name five most important albums for the Russian music during the last decade?

D: No, I really cannot. If I name five, the sixth one will be upset.

Q: What would you piece of advise be to young musicians? What should they do and what should they avoid?

D: Live your own life. Don’t give in. And keep playing.

Source: www.dni.ru
Перевод: Marina Pilyaeva

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