«Набери мое имя в гугле, прочитай километры лажи»

«16 Tons» club, one of Moscow legends which had witnessed The Night Snipers’ presenting their first electric album «Rubezh» («Frontier»), hosted Diana Arbenina and her band as its old friends. This time The Night Snipers launched their new concert season at «16 Tons».

The club was jammed full – the fans were longing to see the group after a six week break. When on stage, the musicians saw the huge fan-made slogan «We’ve been missing you» on the wall.

«Satisfaction», the energetic world’s hit, opened the show. And throughout the concert The Nighs Snipers were keeping to the strain set by this song. Even he instruments failed: one of Mitya Gorelov’s drums broke during one of the songs. The band’s technician Grisha Gomonov was there to fix things in the very nick of time.

In contrast to the electric hits of the show Diana Arbenina presented her brand new song «Synu» («For the Son»), which she played in acoustics. The band joined her soon. Diana was sometimes glancing to her notebook to check the text, and the lucky fans from the first rows could notice that it had quite a number of new texts.

«Thanks for being here tonight! We won’t surrender!» – Diana greeted the public.

Following the slander accusations by the media some of her shows had been cancelled, and the fans got very anxious about their favourite band’ future. The feeling of a sincere unity between the group and its audience was dominating during the concert at «16 Tons». The line of the song «Google» – «if you type my name in the Google you will read kilometers of slander» – sounded like a motto of the day. All the fans took each other’s hands showing their unity.

The next moment hundreds of banners «We love you» soared into the air. And during the song «Stolitsa» («Capital City») coloured paper airplanes with words «sing!» «breath!» «play!» on them flew to the stage. It seems that a new record was set – the bright flow of the airplaned did not stop until the end of the song.

Photos by Natalia Gabbasova
Перевод: Marina Pilyaeva

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