«Ночные Снайперы» презентуют фильм-концерт Unplugged

On September 10th, 2014, a premiere of a film "Unplugged" will be shown in the "Pioneer" cinema at Gorky Park( Moscow). It was filmed during one of the most colorful and spectacular acoustic concerts of a rock band The Night Snipers. Directed by Elizaveta Kanunnikova, the movie has the same name as the program presented by the band together with specially invited musicians in March of 2014. "Unplugged" means acoustic in English, and this concert in the Arena Moscow night club was performed following all the rules of an unplugged format.

"Unplugged is a world known tradition of acoustic concerts," said Diana Arbenina, "and acoustics is where we as the musicians came from; our story started with acoustics. So it was pretty easy for us to go back to the roots. I came up with a program that included early songs, hits and songs that were pulsating inside me at that time. It turned out to be a pretty cool mix of time and energy. Then, I wrote down all my favorite musical instruments from accordion to conga and sat down with the members of the band. Together we decided what songs to play and what instruments to use during the concert.”

Fans of the band have already deemed this concert historic. Besides the lead guitarist Denis Zhdanov, bass guitarist Sergey Makarov and the drummer Dmitry Gorelov, band invited few musicians to participate in the show. Among them were Aleksandr Dikovsky (trumpet), Roman Shilepin (saxophone, percussion), Dmitry Tumanov (accordion), Aleksey Zlenko (violoncello) and Maksim Lyapin (piano). The playlist included songs from different periods of the band history. It was a harmonious mix of early acoustic songs by Diana Arbenina written in the mid-1990s and other songs that were created during the mature electric sound period of the band. The band performed their popular hits as well as their newest songs that will soon become as popular amongst fans.

"Unplugged" begins with episodes from rehearsals for the concert followed by scenes of a soundcheck and the concert itself. According to the director, the movie features the most “delicious” moments of that day such as jam sessions, tuning of instruments, jokes and small talks of musicians with each other and their audience during breaks between songs. Kanunnikova says she is convinced that the "Unplugged" movie will charge the audience with the energy that the band shared with fans during the concert. Elizaveta has a lot of experience filming rock festivals and major concerts of Russian artists. As a director, she worked with Nike Borzov, Yaroslav Maly (the leader of "Tokyo" & "Machete"), Bi-2 and Tesla Boy.

"Energy that you feel during the shows of Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers and emotions that they trigger always touch and inspire me", says Elizaveta. "When we finished editing "Unplugged", I realized that all my previous work were from a different dimension. Diana is one of a few Russian musicians who has great charisma and over-the-top magnetism. It is always interesting to work with such creative and talented people; it is fascinating just to look at them."

Elizaveta Kanunnikova filmed The Night Snipers during their soundcheck and the show itself. With a camera in her hands, she literally observed everything trying not to distract the musicians and not draw attention to herself. It turned out to be an impressive, colorful and unusual footage. The final version of the film includes unique backstage scenes and dialogues, as well as the concert that will be greatly appreciated by everyone who loves live music.

"During the concert, my camera and I were in a spot with an interesting angle", says the director. "I got a very realistic view; everything was just as it is in the real life with the disputes, discussions and all kinds of real emotions of the musicians. It is always extremely interesting to see an artist working in such an informal setting. Moments like these reveal the personality of artists sometimes showing an unexpected side of them."

The director tried to convey the atmosphere of the acoustic concert and its intensity as much as she could. She is confident that because of this movie even more people will now learn about the concert.

"When I see something really worthy and interesting in my life, I feel like I must make a contribution," says Elizaveta. "I can’t wait for the premiere of the movie. I want more people to know about the concert and to feel its atmosphere. It is always nice to work with an artist you love. I had such an opportunity and I took it."

According to Konstantin Filippov, the PR agent of the band, the "Unplugged" movie will be shown in other Russian cities and other countries. This unique concert will also expand the geographic presence of The Night Snipers.

Marina Samoletova

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