Диана Арбенина нарисовала мальчика на шаре!

 "A boy on a globe" is the first solo electric album by Diana Arbenina. It was released by Universal Music (Russia) and has been available for pre-orders on iTunes since the June 10, 2014. The album was recorded in January, 2014 in Karma Sound Studios in Thailand.

 "It is a very youthful, childlike and daring album at the same time, which I ventured to record this anniversary year", says Diana Arbenina. "And don’t get me wrong. It is very important for me to account to myself in the first place, to the public, to the people who trust me. I mean a full report, the music is the same as I am. The album was recorded together with widely-known sound producer Evgen Stupka, and it was not the first time we worked together. Several other musicians whom I really like and respect, took part in the recording. These are the musicians Vladimir Kornienko, Piotr Cherniavskij and Stas Opojchenkov."

 The song "Da. Tak nachinaetsia zhizn" ("Yes. This is how the life begins") became a forerunner of this album not by accident. Diana Arbenina is really at the beginning of a new path. Things that happened in the life of The Night Snipers in the early 2014 initiated the beginning of a new phase in the history of the band.

"2013 was an anniversary year for The Night Snipers; we played concerts, dedicated to the band’s 20th birthday. At the end of the year, we had a very important concert at Crocus City Hall", said the band’s leader. "I had a band that was literally falling apart. Though nobody knew that, of course. There were hardly any relationships inside the band. We needed to keep touring, so we continued to work in the same manner. Then, I had to say goodbye to people I could not go along with anymore. Once the lineup of The Night Snipers got renewed, I went to Thailand to record the album. I needed to get away from everything and stay alone with the songs. It is like taking a pen and a blank piece of paper and going to write in the fields. Recording an album is exactly the same thing for me".

 It was Evgen Stupka’s idea to go to Thailand, and Diana gladly accepted it. And she didn’t regret it.

 The instrumental part was recorded with the help of guest musicians, with whom Diana Arbenina had successfully collaborated earlier. According to the singer, there is a slightly different approach to the sound in the new album .

 "We booked the studio for a week, but actually the album was ready in three days. We were in the right place at the right time. The people that were there did not get there by some chance. The atmosphere was  just right for recording rock’n’roll. Lots of sun, love and Buddha. Well, this is what "A boy on a globe" is", says Diana.

 According to Diana Arbenina, the new album is rather documentary.

 "As you get older, you become more grateful for the things around you, this day, sun above your head, flavour of coffee for breakfast... There is so much truth in capturing what’s going on with you right now", explains Diana Arbenina.

 The album "A boy on a globe" consists of 13 songs such as "Gorygory"("Mountains"), "Fiesta", "DTNZH", i.e. "Da. Tak nachinaetsia zhizn" ("Yes. That is how the life begins"), "Brahms", "Adrenaline", "Ma Vie", "Tabak" ("Tobacco"), "Arkhitektor" ("The Architect"), "Au" ("Hey"), "Volni" ("Waves"), "New York”, "Club27", "Bratu" ("To a Brother"). The record has been available for pre-orders on iTunes starting from the June 10, 2014. Through collaboration with the Universal Music (Russia), fans of Diana Arbenina all around the world were able to buy the long-awaited album on the actual day of its release. There are two versions of "A boy on a globe" available on iTunes, a classic edition and a special deluxe edition, supplemented with the song’s "Yes. That is how the life begins" music video and an e-booklet with the author’s graphics.

 In choosing the name for this album, Diana Arbenina remained true to the established tradition of giving names to the new albums according to the title track or the line from one of the songs. So, the words "A boy on a globe" from the song "Au" ("Hey) became the name of the record.

 "It’s hard to understand why you give a particular name to your son or daughter", says Diana. "It is on a sensual level. It can’t be explained..."

 Due to the busy schedule of The Night Snipers tour, celebrating their 20th anniversary, Diana Arbenina postponed the presentation of the album for six months. And finally, the long-awaited event happened on the July 9 on a huge roof of the Artplay’s cultural centre in Moscow. The night before the event, the album was released worldwide on iTunes. And even earlier fans had the chance to buy one of the album’s compositions as the song "Gorygory ("Mountains") had been available for download on iTunes. On June 24, the audience received a pleasant surprise from Diana and another song from "A boy on a globe" also became available for download.

The album "A boy on a globe" was presented on all the major digital platforms in Russia and around the world (iTunes, Google Play, Svoy, Yandex.Music and many others) right on the day of its release, on July 8. The actual CD album can be purchased in the main music stores of the country, as well as in the snipers’ online store "Patronash". A limited edition of "A boy on a globe " has been released specially for fans and the CD is wrapped in a special designer package and includes the original enclosure.

The long-awaited album was released by Universal Music (Russia), a Russian branch of one of the world’s leading record companies Universal Music Group.

Source: http://snipers.net/news/2014/06/10/27066/

Перевод: Inga Bashkirova

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