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"Chart's dozen" 2016: voting is starting

Popular voting for the nominations in the X jubilee awards "Chart's dozen" has started on January 1. It is possible to vote only once a day on the site of Nashe Radio. Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers are represented in the following nominations

The Last Hero: Pavel Kashin


Musician, poet and singer Pavel Kashin was the guest of the program "Last hero. Acoustics of rare people" by Diana Arbenina on February 15th. Watch and listen to the broadcast on Nashe Radio and Nashe TV every week from 21:00 Moscow time. 

Last hero: Vladimir Shakhrin


Starting February 8th, the program "Last hero. Acoustics of rare people" is back on air of Nashe Radio and Nashe TV. The first guest of the show in 2017 was the lead singer of Chaif band Vladimir Shakhrin.

Diana Arbenina Host News


Diana Arbenina's Host news played on February 6 at 20:00 during live broadcasts of three radio stations (Nashe, Rock FM, Best FM). Specially for NCN Diana had prepared her information picture of the day.

The Year of literature: Diana Arbenina reads "Onegin"

Diana Arbenina recorded a video for the project "Reading Onegin". Let's recollect the favorite lines from the famous Pushkin novel together with Diana. The final of this campaign will take place February 10th at the State museum of A.S. Pushkin, the day of remembrance of the poet. 

Diana Arbenina: I am not tired of either one of my songs

How did the singer find herself on Kolyma? Which album was born on the same day with Diana's kids? What does Arbenina enjoy? This and much more was shared by Diana Arbenina, singer, musician and poet, during the program "Gostinny Dvor" with Vlad Zernitsky.

Interview with Diana Arbenina on ILAND TV

Shortly before The Night Snipers concert in Israel Diana Arbenina gave an interview in a live broadcast of the Russian tv channel ILAND TV. The program from January 25 2017. The host of the studio is Ana Shulik

"Reading Onegin" with Diana Arbenina

Diana Arbenina will take part in the Pushkin readings. The presentation of the literary video project "Reading Onegin" will take place in exactly 3 weeks on February 10th, Friday, at the State Museum of A.S. Pushkin. 

"The last hero": Snipers' home concert

The New Years program "The last hero. Acoustics of the rare people" by Diana Arbenina is now available for viewing. The topic of that program was the actual home concert, "kvartirnik", that took place on December 24th at the Vintage Records Studio. The participants all became the "last heroes" of that program.

New Year at the Aurora Concert Hall

The Snipers' concert at Piter's AuroraConcert Hall club became the best choice for those who were still celebrating New Year these days. In the evening of January 3rd there was a truly holiday atmosphere. 

New Year Snipers' way

We are expecting to see you at the winter concerts of The Night Snipers in Piter and Moscow. The first time in 2017 the Snipers will come out on the stage of the Aurora Concert hall in Piter on January 3rd, then after the old New Year, on January 14th, in Stereo Hall'e in Moscow.

New Year will definitely become new!

Pioneers!! My dears... So, here is another year behind us. 365 days that disappeared in sand. 365 mornings that we did not start the way we wanted, and 365 nights we slept through. We are now older, have more years and minutes to our age. We are getting closer and closer to the finish line of our Decembers.

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