New Year Snipers' way

We are expecting to see you at the winter concerts of The Night Snipers in Piter and Moscow. The first time in 2017 the Snipers will come out on the stage of the Aurora Concert hall in Piter on January 3rd, then after the old New Year, on January 14th, in Stereo Hall'e in Moscow.

"Chart's dozen" 2016: voting is starting

Popular voting for the nominations in the X jubilee awards "Chart's dozen" has started on January 1. It is possible to vote only once a day on the site of Nashe Radio. Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers are represented in the following nominations

"Last Hero": The Picnic Band


Second season of the program "Last Hero. acoustics of rare people" by Diana Arbenina started on October 5th, 2016 on Nashe Radio. First guests of the fall season of the program were the musicians of a legendary Piter's rock band Picnic, Edmund Shkkyarskiy and Marat Korchemny.

The song "Naotmash"(The Backhand) in the Chart's Dozen

The song "Naotmash"(The Backhand) by The Night Snipers premiered on June 3rd in the Chart's Dozen on Nashe Radio. It became the 4th track from the newly released album "Only lovers will survive" that is represented in the main rock chart of Russia. 

Diana Arbenina: I dreamed of visiting Baku

On September 16th, The Night Snipers arrived in Baku for the first time. Right before her appearance on the stage of the Green Theater, Diana Arbenina gave an interview to the Azerbaijani reporter Fatima Mamedova.

The Pioneer literary readings: Revenge

On September 15th, Diana Arbenina took part in the first Pioneer Readings of this fall. Readings on the theme of revenge were held in the Moscow Museum of Russian Impressionism. 

The Snipers in 2016 - first summary

The first half of 2016 was filled with surprisingly big number of events both of musical and non-musical nature for Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers. Let's try to recall the most important events that happened during these few months.

The Night Snipers and Sony Music present the single "Naotmash"( The Backhand)

This Friday, June 3rd, ITunes and other digital media users will witness the release of the single "Naotmash" (The Backhand) by The Night Snipers. Download of the single "Naotmash" will be available on ITunes starting June 3rd. Single will also become available on other digital resources the same day.

Diana Arbenina in the program "Present time"

On July 16th, before the start of the festival MegafonLive, Diana Arbenina visited the studio of the Khabarovsk channel Dal'TV and gave an interview for the program "Present time".

"31aya Vesna" at Slavyansky Bazar: Video

Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers performed at the closing of the International festival Slavyansky Bazar in Vitebsk. Video from the internet broadcast is presented by the TV channel Belarus 24.